42 ACRES & Watkins Media: The Extraordinary Power of Conversation with Rob Kendall

Thu 27th September 2018 —
7.00PM TO 8.30PM

We know the importance of listening to each other, thinking before we speak, managing our emotions and communicating clearly, and yet the truth is that we all fall short – both individually and collectively – on a daily basis.

So often we talk over each other, react emotionally, tip into blame, fail to understand each other’s perspective, forget to be curious, or suffer the effects of mixed messages. While these challenges are part-and-parcel of being human, they can have a devastating impact on our productivity, our motivation and our affinity with others. It’s hardly surprising that over a third of work meetings are considered to be a waste of time.

In this highly interactive workshop, communication expert Rob Kendall explains how the nature of the human brain and the demands of modern life encourage us to have mindless rather than mindful conversations. As well as offering practical techniques for effective communication that have been tested in high pressure environments, he will encourage you to observe the dynamics of your own interactions and develop new strategies that are appropriate to your own circumstances.

Over the last 25 years, Rob has explored the ways in which language can cause misunderstanding and division and – in equal measure – how can we use language to create stronger relationships and invent new possibilities for the future. In this capacity, his expertise has been sought by leaders of FTSE 100 companies, high-stakes joint ventures, entrepreneurs, charities, government departments, professional sports teams and in areas of international conflict.

Date: Thursday 27th September 2019

Time: Arrivals from 7pm (7.15pm – 8.30pm)

Location: 42 ACRES Shoreditch, 66 Leonard Street***

Tickets: £12

42 ACRES Community Tickets : Discount available 20%, please email Katie@42ACRES.com for discount code

***Please note that unfortunately we currently don’t have disabled access


More about Rob

Rob is the award-winning author of ‘Blamestorming’ (2014) and ‘Workstorming’ (2016), and is a frequent contributor to Psychology Today and other leading publications. He’s a Non-Executive Director of  EMMY and BAFTA-winning visual effects company Jellyfish Pictures who have three offices in London.


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